Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, Day 45

July 15, Day 45
Erie, PA to Hamburg, NY
Mileage: 84.2
Weather: Couldn't have been better
Dear All,

Well, today we returned home in a sense given that we ended up a mear 20 minutes (by car) from home.

After a nice rest day in Erie we started out at a respectful hour (7:30 am) and effectively rode the entire day on Rt. 20 and Rt. 5. The weather started out great and got better by the mile. What a wonderful way to introduce all of our fellow riders to our neck of the woods. After about 15 miles or so, the Lake was visible on our left and as Amy said “it looks like lake linoleum”. There was only a slight breeze which was from the East but not enough to really make things tough. Route 5 and 20 are delightful with gentle hills and a wonderful shoulder.

As we rode we started seeing signs for places like Ripley and Dunkirk which seemed strange after 44 days of reading signs for places we have never heard of. The vineyards were always on our left and right with the Lake in the distance. At one point we saw a machine working the vineyards and Gary, from CA, who has a couple of acres of grapes at home described what the machine did. We still didn't quite understand, but it was interesting to watch it work. It was a great way to show off our area to all of our new found friends. For some reason we felt responsible for the area and were delighted that we could show it in all its splendor. We're not sure any of the riders are ready to move to the area but at least they all seemed impressed.

At the 20 mile mark we officially entered the Empire State, our 11th state.

At about the 60 mile mark we were met by our neighbor, Mark Mahoney, who had ridden from Hamburg to meet us. The three of us rode the rest of the way together with Mark taking us on a slightly different route than planned. It was really a delight to ride with Mark.

As we rode into the hotel, waiting for us were everyone from John's department at Phillips Lytle. That was really special for both of us. We chatted and had a great time. They even had put together a poster which you should be able to make out in the picture. Later, others from the office arrived to wish us well. We really can't express our gratitude to all of them for taking the time to come visit It means a great deal to both of us.

As if seeing our friends from John's office wasn't enough, the office arranged for the Buffalo News, The Law Journal and Channel 4 to come out and interview us. It all made us feel very special.
Then, to top it all off, our daughter, Meg, and John's sister, Peppy, and John's brother-in-law, Hugh, arrived. Hugs were shared by all. They stayed for route rap and for dinner. That was the icing on the cake.

Thanks to all for a really great day. It really was terrific.

Tomorrow we continue our journey and head to Canandaigua. It's a long ride (95 miles) so we're certainly praying for a westerly wind. Your assistance with prayers to the appropriate gods will be appreciated.

Today was a really special day (among many special days) which both of us will always remember. Thanks to all.

Keep up the good vibes.

Amy and John


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you and you both look terrific! The group that you ride with is very nice and it was fun meeting them all!
Can you believe you'll be home next Friday! Keep on pedaling!
Love you both, Meg

Anonymous said...

What a great day - - the return of Lewis (Amy) and Clark (John).
Not that your fellow bikers weren't impressed with you anyway... but to show up in Western New York to flash bulbs of the paparozzi, TV cameras, cub reporters... the entire staff from Phillips Lytle, Hugh, Peppy and Meg... you must have shot up off the charts on their "celebrity scale." How wonderful.
Now... keep going!

Anonymous said...

wow, you both have a large group of friends and well wishers. You both are very special and now that you are the news, I feel honored to be related.

Glad you had a great visit with all
take care and ride safe
Love Ellen

Anonymous said...

John and Amy, what a pleasure it was to be able to come and see you both yesterday. It was also wonderful meeting so many of your fellow riders.

You are both an inspiration and I consider it a privilege to have been able to be apart of your day yesterday. May the weather gods continue to shine upon you and I am sending you good vibes.

With admiration,

Kathy Lathrop

kdkallio said...

Hi John and Amy,

I am the fellow who stopped by your SAG break in Avon, NY. I didn't realize that you were neighbors from Buffalo. Anyway, your blog is a wonderful account of your journey. I look forward to reading more of it.

Ken Kallio

Anonymous said...

Dear John and Amy:

It was great to see you yesterday. Watching you and your friends cycle in and talking with you made me aware that you are not just clocking miles. While I was awestruck before by the sheer task of cycling mile after mile, state after state, I am now "awestrucker" due to the athletic skill needed. (Don't know why I didn't see that before!!!)

Amy, I know you do not scoff at the wind, but keep scoffing at those miles and hills!!!!

Stay safe, love, Sharon